California – Universal Studios

I’m sad this is my last post on my 2010 California trip. It has been really fun reminiscing about such an awesome trip and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it!

Before I get to Universal Studios, I wanted to mention two other amusement parks my sister and I made it to while we were in California. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures, but we did make it to Six Flags Magic Mountain and Knott’s Berry Farm. The main reason we went to Knott’s Berry Farm is because it was America’s first theme park! Six Flags was your typical Six Flags, but Knott’s Berry Farm was really neat to visit!

My favorite part of visiting Universal Studios in California was to tour the studios. We got to see different sets and props from all sorts of TV shows and movies. The tour was really great and I’d recommend it to anyone! Here are a few pictures from the park!

You could see the set coming down from the park.

They had a ton of cars used in different movies.

I can’t believe they’re on #7 by now, haha.

They showed us how they create “rain” and stormy weather. The next two pictures show the before and after.

This is one of the houses used in the Desperate Housewives show.

Can you tell this is from a Dr. Seuss movie?

I got kinda freaked out seeing the scene of the plane crash below. This was for the movie War of the Worlds.

Couldn’t miss a chance getting our picture taken with Lisa & Bart Simpson!

This concludes my 2010 California trip. If you missed any posts, here they are: Long Beach, Angel’s Baseball, San Diego Zoo, Sunset Cliffs Park, Disneyland, Hollywood

Stay tuned to hear about my upcoming travel plans and a guest post from my friend, Edwin, on his latest trip to Kansas City, Missouri.


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