San Diego Zoo

In May 2010, I visited the San Diego Zoo with my sister Kelsey. This is probably my favorite zoo I’ve ever visited and I’d love to go back someday!

On the drive from LA to San Diego, there were a few scenic overlooks. We stopped at one and got to see a few critters running around!

We finally made it to the zoo! Some highlights included feeding giraffes, seeing a ginormous porcupine, and checking out the pandas! You can actually watch the pandas from your computer via the panda cam if you’re interested! Our first stop was to get in line for the giraffe feeding.

After we finished feeding the giraffes, we walked around the rest of the zoo and saw some awesome animals!

The other highlight besides feeding the giraffes was checking out the pandas. The baby panda was seriously being so adorable the entire time we were there!

After the zoo, we set out for the beach to see the sunset! We stopped for dinner at the Jack in the Box since we don’t have those on the East Coast and then headed to Ocean Beach & Sunset Beach, which you can read about in my next post!


  • San Diego Zoo – YES! Definitely go if you’re ever in San Diego.

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