Long Beach, CA

One of my good friends is planning a trip to Southern California and asked me to write about the time I went so he could get some ideas of things to do. I’m excited to reminisce and share this trip with you all!

In May 2010, my sister, Kelsey, and I flew into Los Angeles and spent a week touring Southern California. Our first stop after checking into our hotel was Long Beach, CA. Kelsey had never touched the Pacific Ocean before and this was the closest beach to our hotel, so that’s where we started our adventure!

My second time touching the Pacific Ocean!

Long Beach was a nice place to walk around and it wasn’t too crowded. I’d definitely go back!

This was my first time to California and everyone I had talked to said I had to try In-N-Out Burger, so that was our next stop! I’m not a big fast food person, but it was all about the experience!

Overall, not bad! That was the extent of our Long Beach and dinner experience. That evening we headed to an Anaheim Angel’s baseball game, which I’ll write about in my next post.

Thanks for reading!!!

– Lauren

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