Dallas, TX – Dealy Plaza & JFK Assassination

Dallas, TX was the last stop in my mini-tour of Texas. I’m such a history nerd and when I realized Dallas was where President JFK was assassinated, I quickly searched for a museum. I came across the 6th Floor Museum at Dealy Plaza, which is actually a museum on the floor that the shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, sat and waited for JFK’s procession.

I have an AAA membership, so I was able to get into the museum for $14. It was a little pricey, but the cost included an audio guide and I spent about an hour and a half in the museum. I took the elevator to the 6th floor and followed the audio guide through all the different exhibits. I learned about JFK’s presidency and what brought him to Dallas on that fateful November 22, 1963.

The museum was super crowded, but I managed to see all the exhibits I wanted to check out. The most eerie part was looking out at Dealy Plaza and the Grassy Knoll from the shooters perspective.

According to the audio guide, Dealy Plaza hasn’t changed much since 1963 so I could even visualize the route JFK took and see the exact spot his car was when he was shot. If you look at the photo below, JFK’s car went from the left of the picture to the right and he was shot right before going under the overpass.

The museum also went through the different conspiracy theories of there being more than one shooter.

Overall, I thought the museum was super educational and I’m glad I took the time to experience it. I’d highly recommend it!

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