Austin, TX – McKinney Falls State Park

To continue my Texas adventure, I decided to drive a little outside the city of Austin to visit the McKinney Falls State Park.

I paid the park attendant $6 to enter and received a map of the different trails, waterfalls, and campsites. It had been raining most of the day and I only had my converses on, so I was a little nervous about some of the trails. I decided just to conquer two trails that led to the two different waterfalls, and luckily both ended up being more sandy than muddy.

My first stop was to the lower falls. I parked my car and set out on the short trail. Along the way, I decided to venture off the trail to walk around on the rocks towards the river that leads up to the falls. It made me feel more adventurous and I got to see more than I would’ve sticking to the trail.

These are some of the rocks I climbed over.

After my short detour, I finally made it to the falls. I walked around a bit to see it from a few different angles. I even trekked through the woods on a “trail” over rocks, downed trees, and through sticker bushes. Probably not the best idea with the shoes I was wearing, but it was fun!

I left the lower falls, got back in my car, and drove to the start of the trail for the upper falls. This was a much shorter hike.

That was the extent of my McKinney Falls State Park experience. I wish the weather was nicer and I had better shoes so I could’ve checked out some of the trails. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in Austin!

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