Austin, TX – Texas State Capitol Building

After my crazy ice experience on my way to Austin in December, I decided I had to return when it was nicer out. I managed to go on a rainy day, but that didn’t stop me! The one thing I really wanted to do in Austin was check out the State Capitol building.

My first stop was to the visitors center to get some maps and figure out how to tour the capitol. The guy I talked to kindly told me all I had to do was walk into the capitol building and either tour it myself or join a guided tour, both free. I decided to do a self-guided tour using the map he handed me. From the steps of the visitors center, I got my first view of the capitol building.

Once I got inside and through security, I went straight to the Rotunda. I always enjoy visiting buildings with such high domes. I didn’t realize until later in my tour that the star in the middle of the dome says TEXAS around it!

Each level has a balcony where you can admire the artwork on the floor of the Rotunda or look up at the dome.

I got to check out the Senate and House of Representative Chambers. Here are pictures from the Senate Chamber (aren’t chairs so exciting?!?):

Outside the House of Representatives Chamber, they had a board of the different notices and laws they’d be discussing. I found one that related to designating the 4th Saturday in July as the Day of the Cowboy. Do you know what your state spends its time discussing?

There is a room labeled “Supreme Court” that was used once upon a time.

These are the coolest door hinges I’ve ever seen!

I finally made it to the very top level and this is where I saw TEXAS written around the star in the dome!

Overall, it was a great visit! You can’t beat free and a nice way to get out of the rain for a bit. There were a lot of families there with young kids who also seemed to enjoy wandering around. There are a bunch of monuments scattered around the capitol grounds. I was feeling lazy since it was raining, but it looked like there were some pretty cool ones to check out!

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3 thoughts on “Austin, TX – Texas State Capitol Building

  1. Wow, you’re right, I can’t believe it’s so similar to the SC’s capitol building I was at last week! I think they had better seats for their senate and house of reps compared to Texas lol

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