San Antonio, TX – Natural Bridge Caverns & Wildlife Ranch

Last week, I visited the Natural Bridge Caverns and Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch outside San Antonio, TX. It was supposed to rain all day but as I got closer it stopped, so I decided to do the safari first.

I am such an animal lover and was probably a little too excited for this drive through safari experience. When I pulled up to the ticket window, I was offered a free bag of feed and any additional bags for $2. Of course I got an extra bag! I also purchased a guidebook that had pictures of the animals I would see throughout my drive.

As I drove from the ticket window to the safari entrance, I made a quick pit stop to snap a few photos of the cutest baby giraffe ever!! Instead of explaining all the awesome animals I saw and how I got “attacked” by a few, I decided to make a video of my experience.

Side note – I apologize for the super amateur quality of the video.

  1. I only had my iPhone for pictures & videos
  2. This is my first attempt at making a video in iMovie
  3. Imagine the video playing with CIrcle of Life from The Lion King in the background instead of the classical music I had to go with


After the safari, I drove around the corner to the Natural Bridge Caverns. If you like visiting caves, check out these prior posts (Mammoth Cave, Carlsbad Caverns). I chose to do the Discovery Tour as recommend by the woman selling tickets. It’s self guided, but there are guides along the way to explain what you’re looking at. There is quite a steep decline and then incline back to the top, but you can go at your own pace so it wasn’t bad at all! I went on the weekend and it was a little crowded, but it gave me more time to appreciate what I was seeing.


  • Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch – I would definitely recommend going! It costs ~$20 to get in, but I spent easily 2 hours driving around the ranch looking at all the animals. I saw a lot of cars with kids in them having an incredible time feeding the animals!
  • Natural Bridge Caverns – The caves were a little expensive to visit for the amount of time I spent there, but the formations were pretty awesome to see! There are a TON of other activities available at the cavern location. Check out their website for more info!

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