Ingram, TX – Stonehenge II & Easter Island

I have to thank the show Friday Night Lights for introducing me to Stonehenge II. Side note – if you have never watched Friday Night Lights, it’s on Netflix. Give it a shot!

I was watching the show a few weeks before my trip and one of the main characters visits Stonehenge II outside of Austin, TX. Since I knew I was going to be in Texas in a few weeks, I quickly googled Stonehenge II and was set on going! I used the Roadside America website to get an address/directions and set out from San Antonio for the 2 hour drive (due to traffic) to get there. Honestly, I was probably a little crazy for driving the 3 hours round trip for a 5 minute stop, but I had the time and it seemed fun!

I got there about an hour before sunset on a Saturday and was the only person there! I snapped a few photos, hopped back in my car, and drove back to San Antonio. There wasn’t much else to do around there besides the stop I made, so I didn’t have much of a choice. Here are a few pictures!

If you’re in the area of Ingram, TX or driving along I-10, it’s worth a quick stop!!

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6 thoughts on “Ingram, TX – Stonehenge II & Easter Island

      1. Did you find the websites… there are two. and Happy letterboxing to make you other adventures more fun.


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