San Antonio, TX – Part 1

I’ve always wanted to go to the Alamo, so I decided to make the 4 hour drive from Dallas to San Antonio to check it out!

I parked my rental car in a nearby parking garage and walked to Alamo Square. As I approached, I saw a huge crowd and thought “oh great, now I’m going to spend most of my day waiting in line just to go inside!” Well, I lucked out! They actually were having a reenactment outside the Alamo, cannon and all! I was able to walk around the crowds and get in line to see the inside of the Alamo, which by the way, was free! I couldn’t take pictures inside the building, but I took plenty from the outside! They had quite a few firearms on display and someone explaining the history of the different guns inside.

Here are a few pictures from the reenactment!

After the Alamo, I headed for the River Walk and went on a boat tour!

And this is my “I’m on a boat” face, haha.

Here are a few things I saw from the riverboat tour!

After the boat tour, I headed to the Historic Market Square. On the way, I saw the Cathedral of San Fernando and the Spanish Governor’s Palace. The palace didn’t look much like a palace!

That desk doesn’t look too comfy!

After a mile walk from the River Walk, I finally made it to the Historic Market Square! My favorite part was the food (gorditas & churros)!

After the market, I headed back to my rental car and set out on Mission Rd. to see the other missions similar to the Alamo. I’ll share about those in my next post!

Overall, I was very impressed with how tourist friendly San Antonio was! They had signs at every intersection telling you which way different sites were and mostly everything was within walking distance! I went to the visitors information center by the Alamo and they had a ton of free brochures of things to do in the area as well as super nice people working there to answer any questions!


  • The Alamo – I’m not sure anyone can go to San Antonio without visiting The Alamo! It’s free, so why not?!
  • River Walk – I’m convinced there’s something for everyone along the River Walk.
  • Rio San Antonio Cruises – This is the company that does the RIver Walk boat tours. It’s $8.25 for an adult and was a nice way to see the sites along the River Walk without having to walk the whole thing!
  • Spanish Governor’s Palace – For $5 admission, I spent about 30 minutes walking around the palace. I wouldn’t have been disappointed if I didn’t go, but I enjoyed the time I spent there!
  • Historic Market Square – I would go again just for the food! The only gordita I’ve ever had was from Taco Bell, so I’m glad I got to try an authentic one! There were lots of places where you could buy souvenirs and handmade crafts as well.

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