For the last two weeks, I’ve been sharing about my trip to Peru in August 2014. On the flight home from Peru, we had an 8 hour layover in Panama and decided to leave the airport, hire a taxi driver, and tour the area. We went to a tourist information desk in the airport and luckily were able to hire an English speaking taxi driver/guide.

Our taxi driver was more like a chauffeur and he drove us around in a nice SUV. He gave us some tidbits about the area, suggested some places to check out, and answered our questions. Our main goal was to visit the Panama Canal and see a boat go through the canal. Other than that, we drove around and saw some boats waiting for the canal and could also see Panama City from afar.

It was a quick stop in Panama, but definitely better than staying inside the airport for 8 hours!

Watching a ship go through the #PanamaCanal. #Travel #TravelBlog #Panama

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  • Panama Canal – Definitely worth a visit. They have a 3D video you can watch to learn about the canal and how it was built. There was also a commentator explaining what was happening as the ships went through the canal.

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