Las Vegas

Here’s a “Flashback Friday” to my Vegas trip in December 2013! In my last post on the Grand Canyon, I mentioned I went to Vegas for my friend, Mai’s, birthday. I’m not really into the party scene and I don’t gamble, but that was surprisingly okay in Vegas. There were plenty of other things to see and do and I was never bored!

Here’s a list of things I did while in Vegas. Enjoy!

1. Walk the strip

The casinos might look close to each other, but it can take a long time to walk between them. We paid for monorail tickets for the two sightseeing days we were there. I have mixed feelings on whether the monorail saved us time or not since it was connected to the back of each casino and you had to walk through the entire casino to get to its main entrance. However, we did take it to the Stratosphere and there was no way we were walking that far. There are also some free monorails between different casinos. Just follow the signs!

Walked along the #Vegas strip and saw the #Excalibur. #Travel

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Statue of Liberty at the New York, New York in #Vegas. #Travel

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#Luxor – I finally got to "go" to Egypt!

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The #Stratosphere where people were sky diving off the side!!! #Vegas #Travel

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2. Check out the inside of the casinos

Most casinos have very elaborate designs and almost every one had something special you could do. We went to Mandalay Bay to the Shark Reef, which was a small shark aquarium. I love aquariums so I enjoyed it, but it was a little pricey for such a short experience. We also went inside the Bellagio and saw some awesome holiday decorations!

The coolest fish at the #SharkReef at #MandalayBay. #Travel #Vegas

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#Christmas decorations at the #Bellagio. #Vegas #Travel

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3. Watch the Bellagio fountains

We went during the day and at night. Each fountain show has a different soundtrack playing during it. You can click here to find the fountain show schedule. Make sure you get there early so you can get a good view!

#Bellagio Fountains with the Eiffel Tower in the background! #Vegas #Travel

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4. Check out the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign

We walked there from Mandalay Bay and it was still a bit of a walk, but it’s totally worth it!


5. See a show

If you don’t care what show you see, you can try to get discounted tickets the day of. We saw two shows. One was a Cirque du Soleil show called Zarkana. I had never been to a Cirque show before, but it was really good! We also went to see Anthony Cools, a hypnotist. He was really funny, but it was definitely a VERY adult show.


6. Go out to eat

There are a ton of buffets in Vegas if you think you can eat your money’s worth of food! We picked one night to go out for a nice meal since we were on a budget. We picked Mesa Grill at Caesar’s. The food was really great and so was the service! I got the chicken, of course!

Chicken at the Mesa Grill at #Caesars in #Vegas!! #Travel

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7. Check out a club

Like I said before, I’m not a big party person, but I did want to check out a club while in Vegas. We decided to go to Pure at Caesar’s since we were already there for dinner. At the time I’m writing this post, it looks like they’re remodeling Pure and going to reopen it under a completely new name! I’m sure the new club will be even more awesome! Tip: There are a lot of club sponsors in Vegas, so plan ahead and see if you can get on the guest list somewhere!

8. Minus5 Ice Bar

I’ve always wanted to go to an ice bar, so I made it happen! We went to the Minus5 Ice Bar, which has two locations in Vegas. One at Mandalay Bay and one at Monte Carlo. They give you winter coats to wear and you can choose a drink to drink out of an ice cup. All the furniture in the bar is made of ice as well. Yes, that includes the seats!


  • Bally’s Hotel – This is where we stayed and I would highly recommend it. It’s centrally located on the strip so it’s easy to walk everywhere and it was pretty inexpensive for its location. It’s also connected through a passage way to the Paris hotel, which was convenient at times.
  • Monorail – Like I said before, I’m not sure if it was worth all the walking it took to get to and from the monorail. It may have been faster to just walk along the strip.
  • Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay – If you have kids, they’d definitely enjoy it! I had fun, but it was a little pricey for such a short visit.
  • Anthony Cools – If you’re into adult hypnotist shows, this is definitely for you!
  • Mesa Grill at Caesar’s – I really enjoyed my meal here and would recommend it for a nice sit down restaurant!
  • Minus5 Ice Bar – YES!!! Definitely go! I had a reallllllly great time there, even if I did have to sit on ice benches!!

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