Road Trip 2014 – Chattanooga, TN

The last stop of our road trip before heading back to NJ was Chattanooga, TN. There are a lot of things to do in and around Chattanooga, but not many when it’s cold and rainy out! Our first stop was Rock City. The reason we chose to visit Rock City was to see 7 states from the lookout point. Unfortunately, it was very foggy and rainy while we were there, so we just saw grey skies. We still enjoyed ourselves walking throughout the site, over bridges, through the different exhibits, etc. They even had a few deer you could watch!

Nativity scene
Nativity scene
Melting snowman!!!
Melting snowman!!!
Don’t look down!!!
The 7 states we were supposed to be able to see from the lookout
The 7 states we were supposed to be able to see from the lookout
That ledge is where you stand to see the 7 states.
That ledge is where you stand to see the 7 states.

After Rock City we headed to the Chattanooga National Military Park. Since it was still foggy out, we couldn’t see much from the park, but we did enjoy walking around its museum. We learned about the Civil War battle that took place there and its importance in the overall war. The people working at the museum told us the fog, rain and cold conditions we were experiencing were very similar to what the soldiers had to experience while fighting.

A painting at the museum
Monument inside the park

It was a cold and dreary end to our road trip, but we made the most of it!! You can read in my next post about some road trip tips including some of the resources we used to plan our adventure! If you missed any of my road trip posts, you can click here to check them out!


  • Rock City – Definitely a great place to take kids. If it’s nice out, I’m sure the view of the 7 states is neat, but it wasn’t worth it in the bad weather.
  • Chattanooga National Military Park – Vicksburg (from my last post) was definitely a better experience than this park. The best part for me was the museum you could walk around.

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